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Your Most Stylish Holiday Hair Yet!

some curls and bob pins - Voila!

This holiday season invest just a few minutes and get rave reviews on your Holiday Party Hair! Braids and ponytails are two easy skills that will start you in the right direction. I love looking through Pinterest for inspiration! All you need is a little courage and the right products!

We start every special occasion style with dry, unwashed hair. The more texture the better, so if it's too clean add some TRUE GRIP or FRESH DUST MINERAL SPRAY by L'Oreal Professionnel. Stock up on bob pins and hair pins, some clear elastics and hair spray (nothing too sticky - we love Pureology's flexible working spray- Strengthening Control Zero Dulling Spray).

To get the look in the photo begin by curling the hair away from the face, wrapping the hair in smallish sections around the barrel of a 1-1/4" or larger iron. Next, add some TRUE GRIP in the crown. Backcomb the crown with your fingers. Gather some of the top into a loose pony tail - leave sides free at this point. Now, gather a bit of the sides and gently twit while crossing to the opposite side of the pony tail. Pin in place. Now do it again from the other side, crossing over the pony. Do this a couple of times on each side. If the hair won't reach across, simply twist and pin close to the previous section. Spray to help keep in place, but not too much!

Adding bling is ALWAYS a great idea! Pick up some rhinestone bob pins from us the next time your in! And stores like Claire's usually have some headbands, combs and the like to brighten your look! Nice work!


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